19 Chivers Street Hallett Cove S.A. 5158
Phone (08) 8186 1601
E-Mail: wisp at fastmail.com.au

The December meeting and barbecue will be at Michael Searle's home, 43 Lloyd Street Saint Marys, on Saturday, 11th December 2021, starting at 16:00 hours.
You should bring meat, drink and a chair. The society will provide salad and dessert. The barbecue will be followed by an evening of entertainment commencing around 20:00 hours. During the evening, supper will be provided, for which the usual $5 payment is requested.
The entertainment will include video of Michael's recent travels on the Eyre Peninsula and a slide show from Michael Kohler.
If you wish to attend this barbecue or meeting or both, please ring Michael on (08) 8276 1342 at least a day before the meeting.

Will Plumridge

From the archives:
A list of preserved Australian trams, by Doug Colquhoun
Delivery details of the Adelaide Metro Flexity Classic and Citadis 302 trams
Disposal details of the MTT/STA/TA H type trams
A list of all motorbuses new to the MTT and STA (with varying amounts of detail)
A list of all buses acquired by the MTT and STA (with varying amounts of detail)
A historical fleetlist for Transway Elizabeth Buses, based on the notes of Harry Green and Doug Colquhoun, in approximate order of acquisition
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A fleet list of the Education Department of SA compiled in 1978